Cheap Video Game - More Value For Less

With the advent of gaming as an industry at the turn of the millennium gaming has started to be taken much more seriously than it was ever before and is now even looked upon as a career option. With the boom of technology occurring side by side, its no wonder that newer, better and much more graphical games are hitting the market almost everyday. With all these newer games popping up everyday the prices are rocketing skyward. One has to shell out almost 50 - 100 $ to buy a good game from a retail store. But why should one do that if he can buy a cheap video game from someplace else?

Now comes the question of "why should one go in for a cheap video game?". Well this is partially because it is no use buying a game which will put a hole in your pocket. Secondly, if one waits for a while the prices of the game are certain to go down, making it easier to buy that particular game. Unless one is a fanatic gamer, wanting to play a game as soon as it hits the market, it is a more logical and sensible choice to wait for a while and enjoy the same game at a much lower price. So much so that one could get a game that was priced at around 50$ when it released for almost half the price, or sometimes even lower than that.

Cheap Video Game

One my find a cheap video game almost anywhere. Sometimes even retail stores offer discounts on prices on premier games. At other times one could walk into a shop specialising in cheap video games and buy a game of his choice. The last and best option is to order a game on the world wide web. There are a multitude of sites out there that specialise in selling video games for a lesser price. Web sites like and other search websites like Yahoo Games may turn up interesting options if one is inclined to buy a game. Apart from these sites, one could also check on sites like and, where one can bid on game prices and turn up with a much lower price that once would get in a premium retail store.

Searching among the prices of these few websites, I discovered the prices offered to be amazingly low. Even the new and popular first person shooter game BioShock was being offered for almost a 20% discount. Though there is an obvious advantage in buying games for third party sites and stores in the sense that one is assured of a decent discount but there are a few disadvantages to it too. One can never be sure of the quality of the game or the functioning of the game itself. Moreover many stores do not provide the option of returning non working games. So one has to be extra careful about the reputation of the place where one buys games from. One should always look for quality over price. After all it is the game that is more important.

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