Games On Demand To Suit Your Requirements

Video games have recently emerged on to the entertainment scenario, and in a short time, replaced all other modes of entertainment, as being the most sought after. Kids today love to sit before their consoles playing their favorite games, for hours together. It has become such an addiction that in most homes with children, it would be a common sight to find a gaming console permanently plugged in to the TV or the PC.

In this regard, the demand for console games increased, and simultaneously, their prices soared too. This brought a downfall in the sales of such consoles and games, people couldn't afford them. As a solution to this problem came up the notion of games on demand. This is similar to the already prevalent concept of video on demand, where videos are rented out on a monthly basis, for a charge, which is generally a fraction of the original price of the video. 'Games on demand' is a novel concept where games required by customers are stated to agencies, which provide these games on a rental basis. This method gives a good trade off for both the customer and the agency. For the customer, he can play the game at a fraction of the actual cost of the game, thereby saving a lot of money. From the agency's side, it gives a business option, and a few rentals later, he would get back the cost of the game, and any further rental of the game would be a profit to the agency.

Games On Demand

In the 'Gaming on Demand' practice, the customer specifies the game that he/she wants to the agency. The agency then mails the customer a copy of the game file as an encrypted message, which the customer can decrypt using the key provided by the agency. The customer has to be an active member to get this subscription. The usage of the game is restricted based on the subscription plan. Duplication of the game is not possible, because the encryption key would be available with the agency, thus maintaining privacy. A part of the rental is given to the game developer, as remuneration for his efforts. In 'Games on Demand' the game is transferred directly to the customer's computer. This may take place either as complete download, or as streaming. In complete download, the customer has to download the complete game file, before installing it. Only after the entire file has been downloaded, he can play the game. This process might take several hours, depending on the speed of download. But once the file is downloaded, the customer can continue playing the game uninterrupted. In the streaming method, the file is downloaded slowly, and the customer can play the game as the file is being downloaded. The disadvantage in this method is that it takes place in stages; hence, if a part of the file is required during the game, that has not yet been downloaded, it results in the game pausing or exiting.

A few of the 'games on demand' websites are, These websites support 'Games on Demand' and upon acquiring membership, a customer can have access to the games he or she requires.

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