History Of Video Game Consoles: A Change Through The Decades

The history of video game consoles is a very interesting progression through the decades. Many people that do not know the history of video game consoles are not aware that video games have been around since the late 1900's. Of course these video game consoles are not like the ones that we see on the current market today. Technological advances have made video game consoles drastically different than the original ones that were available for use inside the home for entertainment.

The original video game console was analog based. This meant that it had extremely limited graphics compared to today's standards. Additionally, it had problems with the hand controls and was not extremely user friendly. But as we review the history of video game consoles, we will find that these issues began to iron themselves out as more and more people began buying video game consoles for their homes.

As the game systems improved, there is a surge in the number of video game consoles that were released on the market for the general consumer to use. In fact Sears was given the complete rights to the first Atari video game console because this form of entertainment was rising in popularity within the home. Later, video game consoles would move up in the world of technology to include games such as video pinball. These Atari games would be the first video game consoles that would use buttons on the side of the control pad and dial for players to interact and play the game. There were three variations of this game type for consumers to select from. Players could enjoy Pinball, Basketball and Breakout.

Through the years the history of video game consoles would show that as technology improved and marketing increased, there would be a surge in the number of available games and the types of consoles and even controllers for players to enjoy. Atari would create games that were more player-interactive to create the first sense of virtual reality. For example, Atari had a motorcycle stunt game where players could feel as though they were performing motorcycle stunts right in the middle of their homes without ever having to put on a helmet or risk injury!

The original video game consoles had the games built into the systems. There were typically one or two games available to play on the video game consoles. This would change toward the end of the 1970's and the first video game consoles to use plug in cartridges would be designed by none other than Atari. This meant that consumers could use the video game consoles for numerous games and increased the popularity of the game systems.

During the 1980's the history of video game consoles would make a drastic turn. Not only could players have multiple games and sound but new video game consoles were being built that would convert into a mini-home computer for players. These systems would play more games than previous video game consoles and players were able to play on a vector system which meant stronger graphics and better sound. Not only that but during this decade, the first non-portable video game consoles would have their very own monitors instead of having to be plugged into a television system in order to be played. Finally during the last part of the 1980's the first LED light would be implemented into video game consoles to alert players if the console was turned on or off.

During the 1990's the revolution and growth of video game consoles continued to flourish and grow. For the first time ever, games specifically designed with 3D graphics and controllers that were the shape of objects (such as laser guns) would be introduced into the video gaming world. Additionally, the first CD Rom's would be installed into video game consoles and the number of games available on the market would sky rocket. Graphics, sounds, packaging and competition between video game console producers drastically improved the quality of video game consoles.

Finally during the 2000's the history of video game consoles has not stopped. Players are now able to play interactive video games affect the game play based on the player's physical moments instead of everything being controlled by hand consoles. The rise in the types and models of portable video game consoles continues to increase as well as the quality of the graphics and the sounds. Virtual pets, plants and more are being toted around by players to receive daily care. The growth and changes in video game consoles will continue to rise as the popularity is still increasing and consumers are demanding more and more from their playing experiences.

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