Nintendo DS Video Games Revolutionised Gaming

Over the years, technology has boomed and the maximum effect of it has been seen in the fields of computers and computer related research. One such product we will see today is the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS is the latest and most popular product in hand held gaming and mobile connectivity. The Nintendo DS is nothing short of a technological marvel. Boasting of 2 screens, one of them being a touch screen, WiFi connectivity, a microphone port, backward compatibility and rich stereo sound the Nintendo DS is the ultimate gamers dream. Playing games was never so entertaining and easier ever before. Apart from all that the Nintendo DS boasts of some top class and entertaining games which are compatible with it. Some famous Nintendo DS video games include the Mario Series, the Pokemon Series and many other video games ranging from the FIFA Football World Cup to extreme car racing in American Pro Trucker.

Nintendo has been a household name in the field of console gaming for years. Its initial products like the Nintendo 64 bit console and the Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Advance became so popular that there wasn't a single person who hadn't played Super Mario or Pokemon on the Nintendo. The popularity of the Nintendo 64 bit and The Gameboy has been extended to the Nintendo DS with the release of the upgraded and more graphical versions of the same old popular games.

Nintendo Ds Video Games

The most popular series of games on the Nintendo DS is the Super Mario series. In the Super Mario Bros. version for the Nintendo DS the 2 brothers Mario and Luigi are back with some rip roaring and gut wrenching action as they travel through dangerous and newer worlds towards their final goal. The game boasts of a very high level of 3-D graphics to go with its 2-D game play. It also boasts of newer levels, newer powers and newer adversaries. All in all this is one game one cannot do without.

Next in line is the Mario Kart series. The Mario Kart DS is the newer version of Mario Kart. The game is all about fighting your enemies in a car and pushing them off roads and tracks while trying to remain safe yourselves. This game can also be played on WiFi against other competitors with up to 8 people at a time racing on more than 30 tracks to choose from.

The Pokemon series has also been released for the Nintendo DS. The newest versions are called Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team. Both these games involve newer and more effective ways of catching Pokemon and newer varieties of Pokemon.

Apart from these classic games, one can also play other games like Hannah Montana, which is a role playing game, or racing games like American Pro Trucker or AeroDuel. The Donkey Kong series is also an option available for DK fans world wide.

All in all the Nintendo DS has been designed to cater to people of all ages and interests. So pick up a game today and get gaming!

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