Racing Video Games - The Dash For Glory

3..2..1..and GO! I'm not talking about a running race or a marathon here. I'm talking about video games. You may wonder what I'm talking about. Well I'm talking about one of the most interesting aspects of video games - racing video games. Racing video games have for years captured the attention of gamers of all ages and are among the most popular genre of games ever played. Almost everyone who has played video games has played racing video games in his life. There have been hundreds of popular racing games that have been released for almost every platform of console gaming available.

The most important of racing video games is the Need for Speed series, released for the PC as well as the Playstation series. The Need for Speed series started way back in 1995 with its first version called Need for Speed. 14 versions later, the game has become a success story like none other. The latest version uses state of the art technology and plots graphics details precisely to the last pixel.

Racing Video Games

Another famous racing video game is the F-1 series. Drawing inspiration from the Formula 1 fan base all around the world, EA sports released its Formula 1 racing game. One can assume the identity of a team driver and then strive to take himself and his team to glory. The game also allows the user to go into the technical details of the car and modify or add certain parts to his car.

Observing the success story of the F-1 game series, more real life racing games like NASCAR series and Daytona racing were introduced and also became quite a success. Providing a multitude of cars and newer racing tracks, both these games engrossed users in duelling it out for the top spot. Other racing games were not so serious and allowed gamers to have some fun while they were at it. Games like Twisted Metal, Monster Truck Mania and Midtown Madness let the user deviate from the normal racing routine and roam about the city and have some fun. Twisted Metal included weapons in cars and allowed users to fight it out for the top spot.

Another famous game for the Playstation series was the Burnout series which included various modes of gameplay. One could either take part in a race or play a road rage where one had to destroy or push out of the map other competitor's cars. This aspect f the game was received well by gamers all around the world and made this game quite a hit.

Racing video games have not only been restricted to the realm of cars only. There have been racing games for motor bikes and airplanes too! Games like Motocross Madness made motor bike racing popular. Games like Crimson Skies made aero gaming popular too.

There have been many other games which we may not have talked about but all of which are a hit in their own right. Games like the Carmageddon series, Forza Motorsport series, the Gran Turismo and the Grand Theft Auto series and the Sega GT series have also been influential in bringing about the racing revolution. All these games have once again captured the interest of gamers worldwide by showing that a rush of adrenaline and some healthy competition never did hurt anybody.

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