Unlimited Video Game Rentals For Members

Unlimited video game rentals are a wonderful bonus feature of some video rental stores. Having unlimited video game rentals can increase your playing time and your experience with gaming. Different stores set up this bonus in different ways.

Bonus Memberships

Some of the video game rental stores set it up that you can purchase a membership. As part of the membership they will give you a bonus of unlimited video game rentals for a certain amount of time. This is a great feature for players that enjoy playing a variety of games and playing games often. You can save a great deal of money with these types of bonuses. Typically the bonuses are not for an indefinite amount of time.

Regular Unlimited Video Game Rentals Memberships

Other stores offer regular unlimited video game rentals for certain types of memberships. These memberships are usually for a month to month basis. Others will offer it semi-annually and annually. The fees are typically a lot less than if you rent the games individually. But this is only for people that play a lot of games and have quite a few rentals. If you only rent video games every couple months, then the regular unlimited video game rentals memberships would not be advantageous to you. However, if you are the type of player that rents video games on weekly basis or even a daily basis you can save a great deal of money by purchasing the unlimited video game rentals memberships.

Internet Unlimited Video Game Rentals

There are some rental places on the Internet that offer unlimited video game rentals for its members. The games that you rent are sent to you through the mail. After you complete the games for unlimited amount of time, you return them and your next order of games are sent to you. It operates on the same basis as movies. You can rent for unlimited time with no late fees and you rent as many video game rentals during a year as you like. The purpose is that once you return the video game rentals then more are sent to you. It is a continuous cycle that virtually never ends. There is traditionally a small membership fee that you must pay for this type of video game rentals.

The majority of these are through regular Internet movie rental stores. You can access their video game rentals section at their storefront. So this is an advantage to you because you can rent movies or have unlimited video game rentals for as long as you like. This gives you an opportunity to complete long games such as adventure games and building games. It also give you a chance to really decide if you want to buy a particular game because you have had the chance to play it a long time and determine if you want to add it to your personal video game collection.


Take advantage of the unlimited video game rentals. You will save a great deal of money and have a chance to try out many games. If you are not an avid player, then stick to the regular memberships.

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