Many Aspects Of Video Game Design

There are many different aspects of video game design that makes those wonderful video games that we all love and enjoy so much. In fact people have to attend special video game design courses in order to create and design these wonderful programs that we play. Most of us do not realize the complexity of events that must happen in order for us to have a truly rewarding video game experience. The next time you rent a video game from the local video rental game store think about all the different processes your video game went through to get on the shelf.

Conceptual Idea

There has to be a conceptual idea for video game design. This is the initial stage of the game development that can also be very complex. Games today are more than just some plain graphics on the screen. People want to interact and be involved in the virtual realities that video games offer for us for both escape from our hectic and busy lives and thrill of doing things virtually that we thought were never possible. There has to be a central theme, purpose, plot and other aspect to many of the video games that we play today. For example, a game with a virtual guitar gives us the feeling that we are a rock star and fulfills that role. An action game will give us a chance to complete stages and solve some sort of mission. While an adventure game will have us explore new worlds and complete various tasks along the way of the adventure. All of these concepts are the initial phase of the video game design.

Need for the Design

Once the conceptual idea is created for the video game design there has to be market testing. Are there too many other same ideas already on the market? Can the market handle the new concept and new idea? Will players be able to achieve some video game experience rewards for playing the game? Even though a design is excellent if it is not one that can be used and will be marketable there is no need in even developing the game.

Coding and Implementation

Once the video game design concept and need are established a team of people have to actually create the game. The game will be tested in various stages as it is written. The controller will need to be user friendly to enable the players to interact and do more with the virtual characters and virtual setting. Appropriate music and background music will need to be written. Voice-overs for certain characters will need to be recorded and implemented. With all of this the graphics for the video game design will need to match the movements of the characters, the setting and the mood of the game.

All of this coding and implementation of the video game design cannot be done by one person. A team of many people will work together on the story line, graphics, sounds, items, clothing, and other features of the game to make the ideal video game for everyone to enjoy.

Marketing and Packaging

Another very important aspect of video game design is the marketing and packaging. If a product is not marketed and packaged to the right market then it is virtually impossible to sell it and get it out to the public. A great deal of planning and designing goes into the accessories, packaging and marketing as it does with the actual video game design.

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