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The video game industry has been quoted by many as one of the fast rising and highly paid industries of this century. Almost every avid gamer would eagerly devote his entire life to working alongside his or her passion: games. It was earlier thought that video game jobs (jobs associated with the video game industry) were far and few and not viable. What a gross misconception! Video games have opened up numerous avenues of employment for individuals who have flair for games. This article checks some of the happening employment positions in the industry.

Game Designer

Video Game Jobs

One of the foremost (and well respected) video game jobs is that of a game designer. A game designer literally creates the game that we play on the console. He is the head behind the graphics, audio, story (not necessarily) and a variety of other disciplines in game development. Game designing is one of the most demanding jobs today and one needs to spend many a sleepless night to come up with a satisfactory design. On the flip side, it is also a very high paying job. Game designers must be well rooted in coding, graphics and other pertinent fields.

Game Tester

And here is a video game job that comes with few technical qualifications: a game tester! All the tester needs to do is test play games before they hit the market. What a job! One gets to play cool games and is paid a handful amount of money for it. The only requirement for a game tester is that he or she should be adept at playing games. In most cases, the game tester is required to provide a classificatory report on the game once the testing phase is over. This is important because the tester, being one of the first individuals to finish the game, highlights the game's flaws and perks. Flaws are debugged and perks are improved. The game goes through many such testing phases before it is available to the common man. An enviable video game job indeed!

Game Administrators

With the advent of MMORPGS (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) more video game jobs have cropped up. The most basic of these is that of a game administrator. Popularly known as the admin, this person is responsible for the smooth functioning of the game. His jobs vary from assigning teams to competitors, detecting and correcting technical faults, and taking action against hackers and the like.

Game Advertisers

A video game job for people who love games and are blessed with the gift of the gab. Most console companies give top priority to advertisers since these are the people who will interact with the end user. Common knowledge about most consoles and their technical specifications is a must know in this position. Such people are usually employed in game showrooms or separate retail outlets.

In conclusion, video game jobs are no longer for an exclusive few. All one needs is the interest and the perseverance and one can make it big in the video game industry.

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