Video Game News Intensifies Game Excitement

Video games are so much fun to play and many games have sequels, additional versions, tips, hints and more. Many video games even have their own video game news that you can subscribe to for no fee. Other games have paid subscriptions, monthly newsletters and more for you get all of the latest video game news. One terrific place to pick up video game news magazines, newsletters and more is at a video rental store.

Magazine Video Game News

There are many different magazines available to receive the latest video game news. Many of the different companies such as PSP, Xbox, Sony and so forth have magazines specifically for their games and game consoles. This is a great way to find out the latest happenings in the video game news all in one place for the different ones that you use. For example, if you primarily play the Xbox you could read an Xbox magazine to learn all the latest video game news for Xbox and Xbox games.


Newsletters are a terrific way to keep up to date on the latest video game news. You can receive newsletters directly from the companies, fan magazines or even on the Internet. There are many people on the Web that write newsletters with the latest video game news for specific games. Newsletters typically provide game reviews, game tips and even news about sequels and additional versions that are coming out for specific games. You can even sign up for video game newsletters through many video rental stores that are sent to you monthly through the mail to find out all the latest news on upcoming games and even current games.

Game Community Forums

Do you have a favorite game that you like to play? Do you want to meet others that also enjoy the game? Community forums on the Web are fun to interact with other players that share your interest. Additionally, you can find out various video game news updates and current trends through the chat that is on the game community forums. Avid players and fans are sure to suggest magazines, newsletters and web sites that you can visit to find out the all the video game news for that particular game. This gives you an edge for your playing and can intensify the gaming experience for you.

Individual Web Sites

Individual web sites are another great resource for video game news. There are web sites that provide the latest news on various playing platforms and others that are specific to certain games. You can do a search on the search engine to find different web sites that might interest you. Not only will you learn more about the video games but you will be able to view video game news. Many video rental stores have a professional web site that offers video game news that you can read online instantly when you have some spare time on your hands.

Advantages of Video Game News

The biggest advantage to video game news is gaining knowledge about what the developers are planning in the future and knowing what changes have recently been made. For example, many of the autos racing games have new versions that come out annually with upgraded features and graphics. You can find out from the video rental store when a game that you heard about through video game news is going to be released. Some video rental stores will even allow you to reserve a copy to rent prior to it hitting the shelves.

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