Popular Video Games On The Nintendo 64

There are many different gaming consoles for home entertainment video games. One of the more popular consoles is the Nintendo 64. There is many, many video game Nintendo 64 available on the market. This a very, very popular game system that many people enjoy playing.

Action Games

Did you realize that an action based video game can provide you many hours of fun? The Nintendo 64 has a large selection of action based games that encourage players to be interactive, use problem solving skills and join in all the high, packed action. There are thrillers, adventures, races, competitions and more available for a great entertainment video game. Nintendo 64 is one of the leading sellers for action packed games.


Zelda is one video game Nintendo 64 that is know for virtually all age of players. This is an adventure game that requires skill to master and conquer different regions. Problem solving skills are used to work through the various mazes in different areas of the game. The music, graphics and features of the game are very intense. Once you learn the legend of the Zelda and interact with the other virtual game characters you are sure to get hooked!

Nintendo 64 knows that this is a very popular adventure game for virtually all ages. You will find pre-teens, teens, college students, young adults, middle aged people and even seniors playing the different versions of Zelda that are available for Nintendo 64.


The Mario Brothers have long captured the attention of many, many players. Who can resist these adorable and action packed video characters? You can find Paper Mario, Super Smash Brothers and even Mario 64. There is never a dull moment when you put the Mario Brothers on your screen. These guys are always busy and never leave you bored or wanting to go and watch television. Make sure that you allow plenty of playing time because you are certain to enjoy these characters and all of their action and adventures. In fact, they are so popular that these are excellent Nintendo 64 games to rent at your video game rental store. You will want to play all of them and decide through your video rental which one of the batch you like the best.

3D Platform Video Game Nintendo 64

There are numerous 3D platform Nintendo 64 games available on the market. These games are extremely popular because the graphics, action and sound are all very amazing. There is great detail in each of the game levels for your playing enjoyment. In fact you will be amazed at how real and detailed the 3D platform Nintendo 64 games have developed into.

Video Game Rental

Whether you are looking for a science fantasy adventure game, shooting game, action packed game or even a 3D platform game you can rent Nintendo 64 video games from your local video rental store. These games are great to add to your personal video game collection or to give as gifts to other people for birthdays and the holiday season.

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