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As the gaming industry flourished, a variety of games were churned out from some major and minor game production houses. While some games were a hit with the audience, most others bombed at the gaming box-office. People found a need to know what the best games were, people wanted to know how to invest their money's worth. In short, people wanted to get only the best games, not the inferior ones. And the result: video game reviews. The article tracks some of the aspects of video game reviews and hints at some popular sites that one might find useful in this aspect.

Now, what can a game review possibly contain? Opinions, and more opinions? To an extent, yes. However, video game reviews have grown to have separate categories that help the reader on a selective basis. Some of the categories that a video game review can have are story, graphics, sound, playability, characterization among others. In the story subcategory, the reviewer includes the basic plot of the game (without any spoilers of course) and tells the readers how good or bad the story and plot development is. In graphics, the reader is told about the level of graphics and video in the game, the company who did the artwork, rendering, animation and the like. Sound includes background tracks, opening and ending credits and other miscellaneous sounds. Playability tells the reader how easy or tough it is to play the game. This is essential because some people feel let down if they don't know the correct toughness level to play. This section can also highlight some of the more prominent or unique features of the game, those that gives it an edge. Characterization is the place where the reviewer recounts all the major characters and tells the readers how well the game has developed them.

Video Game Reviews

Most video game reviews also conclude with a score that is given to the game. The scores can be given for separate categories or an overall score can be given. Sometimes, users can also vote for the game and a ranking is formulated based on that. Another important aspect of video game reviews is that they also mention the minimum system requirements for a particular game. This helps the users to decide if the game will work on the system or not.

Gamespot is one of the leading sites on video game reviews. Here is the link:;home&navclk=home

The site hosts a lot of video game reviews for different consoles like the PC, the Sony Playstation, Microsoft's X-Box, Nintendo's DS and a lot more. Also available (for download) are trailers and demos of some of the 'to be released' games. A typical review in this site is very extensive. It runs up to pages, and in the process, ends up being very comprehensive.

A video game review can make the difference between buying a very good game and an utterly bad one. Gamers have to pay more attention to such reviews in order to spend their money wisely.

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