Xbox Rental - Why Buy When You Can Rent

Gaming and gaming gadgets have gained great popularity ever since they came on to the entertainment fray. Almost all types of gaming have been appreciated by the public, which is evident from the ever increasing sales of gaming gadgets. With the Playstation replacing normal TV video games and PC games, there came yet another innovation in this area, the Xbox. The Xbox 360 is a video game console. It was manufactured by Microsoft as the successor to the original Xbox. This includes Xbox live service, which allows players to compete online and various other features. Xbox gaming has become very popular, and this has led to the manufacture of a great variety of games designed for the Xbox. As with all the video gaming consoles, Xbox games can also be rented out. This makes the deal a profitable one for both the supplier and the consumer. From the supplier's side, there's no spending other than the initial investment in the games. All the profits he gets from the renting of these games adds to his net profit. From the consumer's side, he gets the games of his choice at a cheaper rate compared to the original price of the games. With this notion, the Xbox rental started off and soon became a successful venture.

One of the Xbox game rental sites is This site provides not only Xbox rentals but also rentals on various other video games, like Playstation, Nintendo, etc. Let us now look at some of the features this site offers for Xbox rentals. The primary feature is door delivery. For $22.95 a month, Gamefly offers the customer unlimited use of games. There is a "My GameQ" for every user where he can store the names of his favorite games. A customer can have 2 games at a time.

Xbox Rental

Once the customer is done with the two games, he/she returns them ,and two more games from My GamesQ are delivered promptly. This way, the customer can avail the full utility of the service. Another feature is the availability of games. All the latest Xbox games are available on Gamefly which the customer can add to his My GameQ and they will be delivered to him as soon as they are released. There are over 5000 games in the overall library of Gamefly, making it impossible for the customer to regret the non-availability of a game. There is an additional option where the customer can keep the game if he likes it. In such a case, the customer can purchase the Xbox game from Gamefly, and the original game, complete with the case and manual will be delivered to him, free of shipping and other costs. Gamefly offers rewards to members based on the duration of their membership. There are two membership options - $22.95 per month for 2 games at a time and $15.95 per month for one game at a time. Additionally, Gamefly is connected to sites like Gamespot and Gamesource, enabling the customers to get latest updates on new games being released. Xbox rentals have sure become a profitable business with the advent of such sites all over the Internet.

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